Wand Toy with Teaser for Cats&Kittens
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This feathery wand cat toy is the perfect toy for exercise and fun for our furry friends. It is the perfect way to tease and entice cats to play. With assorted coloured feathers, cats will have tons of fun chasing, pouncing, and biting this toy (instead of your hands).
Easy to use and store: This cat toy is lightweight and flexible with a soft, durable, foam handle.
Quality and safety: This cat toy is made from safe, durable and non-toxic materials.
Interactive and fun: With this cat toy, cats of all ages can get a lot of fun. You can enjoy hours of playing with your cat and ensure they will sleep through the night.

PetCraft is a pet accessory wholesale manufacturer that makes premium quality pet beds and other pet tools in Turkey. It is easy, cheap and hustle free to buy from the manufacturer.
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